How did Rebecca know about this?

I hear the sky is very beautiful there.


I hope it's not her.


The escape was nothing less than a miracle.

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I don't know what will happen to you.

It seems perfectly reasonable.

The girl is checking out the rear of the bicycle.

Look, I can explain.

You were eavesdropping.

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Why not let him pursue his studies as he likes?

We weren't given much information.

When can Keith come home?


I'll beat you up!

She went to the hairdresser's to have her hair done.

The main purpose of propaganda is to convince no matter what.

Bobbie is not a rapid reader.

Beverly asked me why I never learned how to swim.

Better to get advice from your lawyer.

He took out a book about the history of coins.

Someone's talking.

Krzysztof wears too much makeup.

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This makes me angry.

We tried to save them.

He is taking his final exam.

You're not anything like them.

When did you buy that from him?

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I've never associated you with this place.

We went to the park to play.

We don't know what's happening.

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The man you met yesterday was Mr Brown.


Now some Pharisees who had been sent.

The term "autistic savant" is used to describe a person who is autistic and is extremely talented in one or more specialized fields.

This was a good feeling.


Aren't you sleepy?

They will lose weight.

This dog is, so to speak, a member of our family.

Marguerite promised not to hurt Frances.

We were the first to arrive.

That was the last we saw of Nate.

A force is a vector quantity so a force has both a magnitude and a direction.

Kristen can play tennis quite well.

He gave up his attempt once and for all.

For me, the girl is Swedish.

In life as with omelets, the timing is important.

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Vick will go to Boston the month after next.


The king, convinced, told the tailors to prepare the outfit, but he also couldn't see this material.


I hope you have fun.

The storm abated.

Patricia and I have nothing to hide.

Some consider language as a form of knowledge.

We played cards to kill time.

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The Swiss Guards protect the pope.

My Thunderbird sorts notification e-mails from Tatoeba into three different folders without my having asked it to do so.

I could see that Srikanth was grinning.

I'm working on the finishing touches.

Suu wore long johns.

Generally, special forces are used in very specific and dangerous missions.

Have you seen my wife? Have you seen Barbra?

I always think of my father when I look at this picture.

I completely forgot the vegetables.

I'd like to buy the house that Cristi is selling.

This was not our fault.


Why aren't you in your office?

You buy stamps at the tobacco shop.

I'd like to be your boyfriend.

Liza was uncommonly good at remembering customers' orders, which, sadly, kept her out of any managerial positions.

This paper doesn't absorb ink.

Let's drink another beer.

Is that what happened to you?


Donovan seems to be sleeping.

Can you establish his innocence?

Albumin was found in my urine before.

We're not alone.

I'm about to make a very important phone call.


Parts facing the oncoming flow are said to be windward, and parts facing away from the flow are said to be leeward.

The teacher urged the students to answer more clearly.

Donald wanted me to help you.

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Does Molly scare you?

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He was nowhere to be seen.


Does Scot know you're coming?

Emperor John declared himself a living god.

I've looked all over but I can't find my keys anywhere.

I don't have any brothers.

Do you have any Japanese beer?

Sam had expected Timothy to be there, too.

Anti-Chinese sentiment is on the rise in Myanmar.


They enjoy reading novels.

What I'd really like is something cold to drink.

Let's do the exact opposite.

She never saw her mother again.

Roberta thinks you should talk to Charles.


Graham is very angry with her sister.


I did what I had to.


His opposition was more violent than he had bargained for.

I told you I didn't want to go to Boston.

Do you want to rest?

The Jacksons got married in 2003.

Once in a while everything goes wrong.

I stopped smoking for the sake of my health.

Nicolas was realistic about it.

Please don't sit on that bench.

Let's go somewhere tonight, OK?


In the Middle Ages, milk was still popular as a medicine.


Norm isn't wearing his glasses.

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She went all the way to see her doctor only to find him absent.

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He is sure of succeeding in the experiment.


The two races witnessed numerous revolutions during their time on the planet.

Thanks for saving me.

If you don't get a job soon, we're breaking up.

"You have the attention span of a chicken." "Chickens are delicious." "My point exactly."

I'm going to tell Rees the truth.

She did the bare minimum.

I'm all alone.


Let me help you. Your bag looks very heavy.

As of 1991, the population of this city is around one million.

We shall see if you are telling the truth.

Mongo took the old dog out behind the barn and shot it.

It was quite fantastic.

Have I ever let you down before?

How can you put up with Olson's corny jokes?

Don't bother me with such foolish questions.

The text above is written in Basque.

Betty asked me to open the door.

Do you have today's paper?


Edith is out of work now.


Let's hope you're mistaken.

You should take off your coat.

Rogue told me that he had been skydiving since he was sixteen.

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Did it happen recently or much further back?

After much debate, it was decided that to be a planet in our solar system, an object must be in orbit around the Sun, have enough mass so that it has become round in shape due to its own gravity, and have cleared out its orbital path around the Sun.

Is there anything wrong about it?

Go to your room!

The temperature is above average this winter.

Scot has broken something again.

You know that I love you so much, don't you?

I don't even want to think about that.

Morton told us what to do.

I'm never eating here again.

We should be there with them.

No one doubts her fitness for the post.

Typhoon No.11 is moving up north at twenty kilometers per hour.

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In brief, Sherlock lives.


This is a picture of Oscar's family.

Where does the devil feel at home?

He gave a big yawn!

What are you trying to do to me?

I forgot to tell you where the party is.


Victor signed the papers that Jacques asked him to sign.


Diane untied the ribbon.

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He came to London to study English.

I burned the roof of my mouth.

He took off her clothes.


You're thorough.

What'd the doctor say?

The problem is how to raise the funds.


This is the house.

If, on the other hand, children are left alone a great deal with nothing to do, they are likely to become dull and unintelligent.

Johnny was a chemist; now Johnny is no more. For what he thought was water, was H2SO4.

He is a woman hater.

Knut is hated by everyone.